About Us

University of Grappling was founded by Ricky Lundell in 2009. Ricky earned his black belt from Pedro Sauer at the age of 19 and is credited as being the youngest American to receive the rank. After receiving his black belt, he went on to capture four world titles in submission grappling, and spent a season on the wrestling team at Iowa State being coached by the legendary Cael Sanderson. Ricky started UofG with the purpose of creating a unique and comprehensive grappling curriculum by blending the best of jiu-jitsu with the best of wrestling.

We’re proud to continue to pass down those skills by providing our students with jiu-jitsu instruction from black belts and wrestling instruction from D1 wrestlers.

UofG Instruction Philosophy

Our gym is home to several high-level instructors. We have four jiu-jitsu blackbelts in involved with the gym as well as multiple former collegiate wrestlers. Our instructors have been or are currently active competitors who have proven themselves at the toughest tournaments in grappling in every rule set imaginable. 


Here’s some of the events our instructors have competed in:

ADCC Trials
UWW Grappling Worlds
Eddie Bravo Invitational 
Proving Grounds Invitational
Arte Suave Elite
NCAA Wrestling Regionals 
NJCAA Wrestling Nationals
Fight 2 Win 

All of our instructors bring a different style and perspective into their grappling. No matter what our background is or what your ambitions are, our instructors can help you reach your goals.


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